Jesus, Religion or Relationship?Jesus – Religion or Relationship?

There are many people who believe that ‘if’ there is a God and ‘if’ there is a heaven, then they are most likely ‘good enough’ to get there.

This booklet was written in response to this common perception and outlines the message of Jesus and how someone can become a Christian.



Gods Incredible PromiseGod’s Incredible Promise

Written for Primary aged children up to around grade four, this book was created to explain God’s good news message in kid’s speak.



Exploring JesusExploring Jesus

Written for someone wanting to undertake a group-based or personal exploration of the life of Jesus. Exploring Jesus walks through the book of (gospel of) Mark, enabling people to investigate the life, message and meaning of Jesus. This study booklet will be most beneficial when coupled with discussion with others.


Way of Life

Business sized cards designed as a prompt for people desiring to embrace our Way of Life alongside a broader explanation of our Way of Life.


Way of life card

Way of Life BCard