Our Vision

Our Vision
As a community seeking to follow Jesus, we recognise that it’s easy to say you know Jesus but a little more difficult to actually do what he said.

In part that’s why I think following Jesus was never meant to be done alone but alongside others with a similar desire. That way you can encourage and point one another in the right direction when the going gets tough.

When someone asked Jesus to name the most important thing God wanted us to do he replied, “Love God with everything you’ve got and love everyone else in the same way you would love yourself”.

As I said earlier, it’s far easier to listen to Jesus than copy Jesus.

So what’s our vision here at New Community?

At it’s heart there’s this deep desire to know the God of the heavens so that we can reflect a little more of him here on earth.

Another way of putting it goes something like this: We desire to know God by placing our confidence in his son Jesus and partner with him in transforming his world for good until he comes again and completes the work.

Our prayer is that, as people experience God’s personal love, they too might come to know him and discover a new kind of life. One that enables them to see the world with fresh eyes and grasp who God has made them to truly be.

We hope they will experience the words of Jesus, “I have come that you might have life, and abundantly so!”