Our Story

Our Story
Getting Started
It was in 2002 that New Community began.  We were just a small group of 22 (and a handful of children) grappling with following Jesus in the burbs of Melbourne.  We wanted to connect with people in our community and create a space where they could explore their spirituality from a Jesus perspective.  That’s why patterning our lives after Jesus, whilst making him accessible to others a little less traveled along the way, is still our desire today.

New Community is made up of a diversity of people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We believe that to belong is the desire of every human heart. So whatever your culture or creed, we want you to know that you are welcome to belong and participate in the life of New Community as we seek to orientate ourselves around the person and pursuits of Jesus.

When it comes to things of faith New Community is a bit of a mixed bag.  There are a number who have followed Jesus for quite some time whilst others are just exploring where God might fit into their lives. No matter where you are in your own spiritual journey you are welcome to participate with us as we seek to partner with God in shaping his world for good.