NCR Way of Life

A framework for sustaining a life that conforms to the way of Jesus

The very first followers of Jesus were known as “people of the way”. At New Community we recognize that there are numerous distractions and challenges to following Jesus amidst a multitude of competing lifestyles. It is for this reason we have developed our own ‘way of life’. Our way of life assists us to think about and shape our lives around the pattern of life Jesus proclaimed. It consists of four behaviours we are committed to embracing in the course of our everyday lives.

If someone asked, “What does it mean for you to be a Christian?”, we would be able to say, “Well it means four things in particular. I regularly IMMERSE myself in the teaching of Jesus. In other words I make Jesus my reference point for living. I seek to SHARE my resources, my home and myself openly with others as well as my faith. I seek to ACT when I see things of injustice, desiring to be a mercy giver and justice bringer in my community. And I REST, knowing that in order to sustain the Jesus life I need to regularly take a day for reflection and recreation on my own, with others and with God.

Seeking to live by this way of life is not about earning our acceptance before God but rather a response to our confession that “Jesus is the rightful King of the universe and his Kingdom way is our highest priority”.
Adopting any rhythm for life requires a fair level of commitment. That’s why we encourage people to practise this way of life alongside someone else.

We will consistently immerse ourselves in the scriptures and in prayer.
We are committed to making Jesus our reference point for life.
That is why we engage with the scriptures and in particular the gospels. It is through our immersion in the scriptures that we experience God speaking to us, challenging our attitudes and altering our priorities toward heaven’s.
A life drawing near to God through scripture reading and prayer enables us to be renewed, filled and immersed in the activity of His Spirit. In this way inner change and transformation are made possible.
2 Peter 1:3-11. Hebrews 4:12. Philippians 4:6-7.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.
Q. In what way have I immersed myself in scripture and prayer this week?
Q. What has Jesus been saying to me?
Q. What am I doing about it?


We will share our lives generously with others.
At the heart of the call of Jesus to love one another (John 13:34-35) is a deep commitment to shared community. Our human desire to live in community reflects the very nature of our creator God as Father, Son and Spirit.
A deepening love for God will overflow in our love toward others. Love shares possessions with those who have less. It seeks to serve rather than be served (Mark 10:45), and treats everyone as equal in the sight of God. Such attitudes will re-orient our priorities so that we will open our lives to others, share meals and possessions, and include those who are different than ourselves in the activity of our daily lives.
At the heart of “Share” is a desire for others to encounter Jesus so that they also will experience new life with Him.
Luke 3:10-14. Acts 2:42-47. Acts 4:32-35
Q. With whom have I shared a meal or activity this week?
Q. Who have I encouraged in word or deed this week?
Q. In what ways have I spoken of Jesus to others?


We will act to transform our world for good.
Jesus said, “If anyone hears my words and puts them into practice, then they are like a person who built a house upon a rock” (Matthew 7:24-25) .
We are committed to doing what Jesus said and being agents for change in an often unjust world.
“This is undefiled religion in the sight of God: to visit orphans and widows in their distress…” (James 1:27)
We are committed to being justice bringers in the course of our everyday lives. This requires the courage and conviction to act on behalf of others. Sensitivity to right action will naturally emerge from a life immersed in the scriptures and prayer.
Luke 4:18-19. Micah 6:8.
Q. In what ways have I demonstrated mercy or acted for justice this week?
Q. What was the result of my actions?
Q. What is Jesus asking me to do now?



We will make regular times of rest a pattern in our lives.
Through the discipline of rest we are refreshed, our perspective is clarified and our priorities are renewed. Planned times of rest will allow us to step away from our busyness, forego our pressing agendas and simplify our lives.
Rest is not simply the absence of activity but the break from the everyday routines and demands of life. It is the deliberate choice to step away from the need to be productive.
Sabbath rest may include:
– preparing a meal
– quiet reflective time
– space for exercise
– opportunities for creativity
– times of worship in which we experience God’s presence, marvel at his creation and express gratitude for all his good gifts.
Isaiah 41:10, 18, 20. Psalm 23. Psalm 46:10.
Matthew 11:28-29.
Q. In what way have I rested this week?
Q. Was my rest truly refreshing this week?
Q. How am I planning Sabbath rest for next week?

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