Way to go

  • We want kids at New Community to know the Creator God and understand his intentions for their lives
  • We want our young people to experience healthy relationships both with their peer group and adults
  • We want them to experience a sense of belonging within a safe community
  • We want them to be empowered to know the way of Jesus and be committed to a life of mercy, justice and love

We recognize that it takes a community to raise a child. Surrounded by other adults modelling the way of Jesus and acting as additional uncles and aunties provides a powerful and healthy framework for life and growth in faith. Parenting was never meant to be done alone, but we also acknowledge the central and formative role a parent plays in being responsible for shaping a healthy environment for their children.

During our Sunday gatherings we have a team of caring people who are committed to modelling the ways of Jesus in a safe and fun environment.

  • Pre kinder years
  • 3-4 year old kinder
  • Prep
  • Grades 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3 & 4
  • Grades 5 to Yr 8

For  more information contact New Community Office