What is this Immerse group?
It is a group of people who are choosing to be intentional about spending time with God- ‘Pausing’.

Immerse 2019 from NCR on Vimeo.

Why is this group starting?
If we have chosen to follow Jesus we have chosen to walk with Him through our days, being aware of and transformed by His Presence with us.
This can be a challenge – finding time, knowing what to do that will grow and deepen our relationship with God and sticking to it. Immerse is more than having a 10 minute quiet time then getting on with the rest of life.
Immerse is living in a way so that our times of Pause remind us of truths of who God is and who I am so that through the Holy Spirit we are transformed which brings glory to God and shapes the world around us.

So Immerse has 3 main purposes…
1.      The Planning:  To help people plan a number of Pauses in their day (aiming for a minimum of 3) in times and ways that suit who they are.
2.      The Doing:  To provide lots of resources and ideas for what you can do in those times.
3.      Together:  That we don’t do this alone, there will be many others on this walk with us.

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