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New Community has  been involved in partnering activities with other peoples’ needs beyond our immediate shores.  In the past we have contributed to providing financial resources to East Timorese and North Indian peoples.

Partnership with East Timor

We are partnering with God in His cause to transform this world for good by being mercy givers and justice bringers in both our local and global communities for Jesus.

We have been partnering with people beyond our shores for some years now. In particular we have formed a strong partnership with our nearest and poorest neighbours, that being the people of East Timor. Read on to find out more about the different kinds of partnerships we have been involved with and how you might be able to join us on the journey.

Did you know that East Timor:

  • Poorest country in SE Asia
  • 40% population live below the poverty line
  • 50% population suffer from malnutrition

Between 2003 and 2016 we had an East Timor Christmas Appeal. The funds raised have resourced the following:

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Desks chairs, blackboards and other school supplies for the village of Fatamukerek

10 scholarships for students wanting to attend university

A goat for each family in the village of Fatumerek
Lap tops for a computer training centre including salaries for the teachers

Dare is a very poor village close to Dili. The children in the village and surrounding area were mostly eating one meal per day.  Established a school feeding program for the 240 students by employing local women to prepare a Marungi/rice based meal.  Marungi is a nutritious plant that is cultivated and when dried can be used as a supplement to rice. Extra funds enabled the development of a marungi factory which now supplies other schools.

A large kitchen is built in Suai for a vocational training centre.  The centre provides training for over a hundred young people, many who live on the premises.  Prior to the new kitchen all the cooking was done on the dirt outside.

Childrens activity spaces developed and child care workers released in the Dili National Hospital and Baucau Hospital. Prior to these centres, when a sick child was admitted to hospital, the child was confined to an old wire cot due to lack of space and resources within the hospital.

Production and printing within Timor of children’s story books and resources in their own language. Part of the national Mother Tongue educational initiative.


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FOKKUPERS is a local NGO working to assist women and children who are victims of domestic and sexual violence. Supporting a program to provide assistance to the children who were living at the centre with their mothers. Under this program children received counselling as well as education.

Purchase of a four wheel drive vehicle for Funa Nabilan (Shining Heart Blind Foundation), a centre in the district of Same (about 7 hours drive 4 wheel driveform Dili). The centre was established to provide assistance to blind children, youth and adults in the surrounding area of Same.  It was common for some families to walk for up to 2 days to ensure their blind family members could receive support. This vehicle is used for outreach ensuring teachers could attend to those who were unable to leave their villages and for transporting patients for medical treatment when needed.

Raising over $60,000 to build a pre-school in the middle of the remote village of Maupitine. Previously 65 pre-schoolers were taught in one of two venues. One being the small concrete home that belonged to the principal, the other being an animal shelter where staff would shovel dung each morning before they could begin teaching.  Now serving over 100 pre-schoolers, the school has water, power and toilets, along with school resources and play equipment.Pre - School Kids Waving Reading












Over $60,000 raised to build four new classrooms for the children of Lari Sula in East Timor. Lari Sula is a remote village which suffered greatly during the Indonesian Occupation. Christmas Appeal Image 2013Each villager was ordered to leave their home, their livestock, everything, as the Indonesians claimed the village as a base in the mountains. It is estimated that between 25-30% of the population of Lari Sula lost their lives during this time, due to famine and fighting. It was 16 years before the people of Lari Sula could return to their village and re-claim their land. Their village had been almost completely destroyed. In 2003 a school was built housing 2 classrooms. Another two classrooms were established in burnt out buildings. There are 185 students in the school, ranging from year 1 to year 9.  All the students are committed to learning and are willing to walk up to two hours per day to attend school for an hour or so.


Over $50,000 raised to build another school, this time in the village of Macalaco, about a 4-5 hour drive from Dili. The primary school which has approx 160 students, is housed in 6 classrooms, however 3 classrooms are falling down, and they have NO toilets.
The money raised will build three new classrooms, a teachers’ room, a kitchen and toilets.


Again, over $50,000 was raised to build a school in Liquica in East Timor.

The school had only six classrooms to accommodate 461 students ranging from year one to year six. Students were scheduled between two to three hours of learning per day due to the lack of classrooms. Many of the children at Liquica walk over an hour to attend school. The funds raised will provide two new classrooms and an outdoor covered area.

If you would like to find out more about these projects and ways that you might like to join us in partnering with our East Timorese neighbours then contact the NCR office at

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2016 Christmas Appeal

In Christmas 2016 our appeal raised $52,000 to support Casa Vida in East Timor.  Casa Vida is committed to and acts for the protection, welfare and rights of children.  Casa Vida strives to provide the best quality care and support to Timor Leste’s most vulnerable children……more than just a shelter.

Established 8 years ago,  Casa Vida (House of Life) is a faith based organisation where child survivors of violence and sexual abuse can find love, security, care and hope. Each year they receive dozens of emotionally broken children.  Casa Vida is dedicated to helping  these young victims become healthy, happy, well adjusted and educated.

Casa Vida run six houses – each housing approx. 12-15 children. The cost to run one house (rent, food, water, health costs, hygiene, clothing, schooling and two full time workers (24/7) for one year is approx. $55,000 .

If you would like to find out more about these projects and ways that you might like to join us in partnering with our East Timorese neighbours then contact the NCR office at

2017 Christmas Appeal – Partnership with “Mulberries” in Laos

In 2017 the focus of NCR’s Christmas Appeal was an organisation called “Mulberries” in Laos. Mulberries provides families with all that is needed to become self-sufficient as silk-worm farmers. Funds raised in our 2017 Appeal (over $33,000) will assist over 20 families (at least four people per family) with enough mulberry saplings, silk worms and rearing shed facilities to establish themselves in the sericulture industry.  If you would like to find out more about this project contact the NCR office.

2018 Christmas Appeal – Further partnership with “Mulberries” in Laos

In 2018 the focus of NCR’s Christmas Appeal was again “Mulberries” in Laos. Mulberries provides families with all that is needed to become self-sufficient as silk-worm farmers. The 2018 appeal raised over $44,000 to provide a new four-wheel-drive vehicle for the organisation to replace a vehicle that was over 20 years old. The vehicle will be used for a multitude of purposes – transporting people to and from the Mulberries farm headquarters for training, visiting villages that are beginning to farm mulberry trees and raise silkworms, moving silkworms and product etc.

2019 CHRISTMAS APPEAL – Further support of Mulberries in Laos.

We are seeking to raise $40,000 to assist Mulberries in enabling at least 20 more families to establish themselves in the silkworm farming business in order to escape the grip of poverty and be able to fully support the family.