Giving at NCR

iStock_000017036753MediumAt New Community we desire to be generous. We want to use our resources to positively impact others. We want to be known as a generous church because we believe that generosity is at the heart of God. The Bible tells us that whilst we were still separated and distant from God, he sent his son Jesus to earth so that we might be reconnected to him (Romans 5:8). This is the greatest act of kindness and generosity our world has ever known. His gracious step toward us is profound. The moment a person responds to God’s generous gift in Jesus a new relationship is born. A spiritual exchange takes place. God’s Spirit comes to dwell within us. His presence begins shaping our attitudes and values toward his own (2 Corinthians 5:14). This process influences every aspect of a Christian’s life, including the way they view money.

There are many unseen expenses involved in the daily activity of New Community. Your personal giving contributes towards practical acts of service within the wider community, staff wages, purchase of resources, facility hire, and general office expenditure. You will find that New Community is committed to maintaining a high degree of redistribution in the life of our community.

Below you will find our bank account details by which you can give to New Community via direct deposit. Or you might like to physically place your tithe in our contribution box on Sunday morning. Or if you prefer to write a cheque it should be made payable to ‘New Community Ringwood’.


It is now also possible to give to New Community using GiveWay. GiveWay allows you to contribute online to specific purposes by either Direct Deposit or Credit Card.  Click on the appropriate link below or scan the QR Code to be directed to the Give Way site.

Generosity:  General giving towards the running expenses of NCR.

Women’s Activities:  To pay for things like Women’s Retreat weekend etc.

Men’s Activities:  To pay for things like Men’s Weekend and Dad’s and Kids Weekend

Fundraising:  To support specific appeals like the NCR Christmas Appeal

Youth Activities:  To pay for any Youth Activities including SYG, Seniors Youth Camp etc.