Community Help

New Community is committed to serving our local community. Following Jesus involves putting faith into action. We endeavour to demonstrate God’s mercy and justice by being advocates for those in need.  We have served our wider community through funding, fixing, and feasting over the years. Our Community Co-ordinator Lee Barker is passionate about linking New Community to the wider community and is eager to release people to practically serve others.  Some of the current ways we serve are:

Community Help2Bargain Browser: providing affordable clothing and a place where people can join a team of committed volunteers serving our community at (read more)

Community Meal: providing healthy meals and a safe community space for people who find themselves living on the fringes. Our teams serve on Wednesday evenings in Croydon.

Meals Distribution: providing a resource of pre-cooked meals and non-perishable items to distribute to others who could do with some extra support.

Engage Sunday: providing a resource of people power every two months from New Community to help others in a variety (read more)

Heal Clinic: providing free massage and a community hub for marginalized people to be cared for within our community (read more)

Mind Health: providing a place where those experiencing mind health challenges can receive practical support (read more)

We are always looking to release others to serve. If you would like to find out more about volunteering then please contact Bron Arnott at: