Sunday @10 is a space where you can experience community and explore God. We believe that church life is far from being boring or irrelevant. Our three core values are: Relationships, Belonging and Empowering. It is our desire to foster an environment in which we can discover more about God, share life together, and understand how we can experience God and his transforming presence. We use a variety of media to address themes from the Bible as we explore how it relates to issues that we face in our daily lives.

September 2017 Series…   Thrive

Aug 27    Engage Sunday (9.00am)

Sep 3     Father’s Day – Pledge (close of the “Prayer” series)

Sep 10    Thrive Part 1 – Connect

Sep 17    Thrive Part 2 – Flow

Sep 24    Thrive Part 3 – Cause

Oct 1    Thrive Part 4 – Grit















If you would like to know more about any of the above programs/events, please contact the New Community office on 9876 0222 or email