Our Ambition

Our Ambition
Our driving ambition is to pattern ourselves after the life and vision of Jesus Christ. We think this happens best in community because that is where people can build meaningful relationships, experience a greater sense of belonging, and inspire one another to live out their faith.

We think that to belong is the desire of every human heart. This is more than a genetic impulse, it is actually how God has wired us.

Sadly, it has been said that one of our nation’s greatest sicknesses is loneliness. We can be surrounded by people, have an abundance of things to occupy us, yet at times we can feel deeply alone and unfulfilled.

It was Jesus who said that the greatest command was to love God and to love our neighbour. Simply put, life was never meant to be done alone, it was to be experienced with others in partnership with God.

We want to enable people from all walks of life to discover the God who brought into being the natural world we know.

We believe that God is deeply committed to this world. All of it. Even the broken parts. Let’s face it, our world is in need of much repair.

Through Jesus, we believe that God has begun to put the world right. When someone is made right with him they become caught up in this great repairing and recreating work.

At New Community we describe it like this:

We are partnering with God, and his work in transforming this world for good, by being mercy givers and justice bringers in both our local and global communities for Jesus.

Our reason for existing as a church is to be a voice and presence for God in our local and global communities, and see his life and kingdom come here on earth just like it is where he dwells.

As a community shaped around the person and life of Jesus, we seek to offer a voice of faith, hope and love in an ever changing and searching world.