Mind Health

Mind Health

With approximately one in four people experiencing a mental health issue in the course of their lives, we are eager to provide a supportive environment for those suffering from a mind health matter as well as their primary carer. Blur is our mind health support group which meets fortnightly on Tuesdays at 8.00pm at the Now and Not Yet Café in Warrandyte.

The biggest obstacle toward mind health management or recovery is typically ourselves. We often suffer in silence preferring to keep our feelings and struggles private. At New Community we acknowledge the mind health issues that will face many of us throughout the course of our lives. That’s why we have skilled people who provide a knowledgeable and supportive environment in which we can share our stories in a spiritually affirming environment.

For more information about Blur including meeting dates please contact the office to speak with Tim.

Why Worry Workshops

We all worry from time to time. Worrying reflects that there are things in life that we care about, and the emotion of worry reminds us to pay attention to those things and take care of them. However when worry becomes pervasive, consuming more of our time and energy, it gets in the way of living as God fully intended, and prevents us from enjoying the things we actually care about the most.

Why Worry workshops are also offered on a Sunday morning throughout the year.

Bridging the confidence gap

Confidence is fickle. Many people miss opportunities to grow because they lack the confidence necessary to take on new challenges. Bridging the confidence gap equips people to step through those corridors of anxiety.


If you would like to know more about any of the above programs/events, please contact the New Community office on 9876 0222 or email churchoffice@newcommunity.org.au