Hearing God

There will be times you sense God speaking to you, something resonates or strikes you in a deeper way.

You may hear God through:

  • Something you’ve read in the Bible,
  • A new, left-field thought or picture,
  • God’s still, small voice,
  • A verse or person coming to mind,
  • Someone else speaking.

I would encourage you to give God the benefit of the doubt and believe it is Him, especially if it fits with the guidelines below. It may take bold action, it may just be a reassurance, a joy to know, it could greatly bless someone else.

Dallas Willard and Bill Hybels have both written books on hearing God and in these books they explain how they know it is God they are hearing from. Here is what they write…

Bill Hybels – The Power of a Whisper

Five Filters

  • Ask God “Is this message truly from you?” (Is it consistent with His character and not condemning?)
  • Is it scriptural? (Would Jesus do that?)
  • Is it wise?
  • Is it in tune with our own character?
  • What do the people you most trust think about it?

Dallas Willard – Hearing God

By experience – there is no formula.
But these are helpful…

  • God’s voice has a weight of authority, firm not pleading.
  • The spirit of God’s voice. “It is a spirit of exalted peacefulness and confidence, of joy, of sweet reasonableness and of good will. His voice is not the voice of a bully. It will not run over you and your will. It is in short, the spirit of Jesus.”
  • The content – will be consistent with the Biblical truths of God’s nature and kingdom.
    Consistent with the principles of the Bible (not incidentals).