When slowing down to be with God we will get distracted, very distracted, often.

Sometimes the thoughts that distract us are just everyday thoughts – things we need to do, shows we’ve watched, conversations we’ve had etc. Sometimes the thoughts that distract aren’t very pleasant thoughts.

Persist, persevere.

There are various ways you can deal with distractions once you notice them…

  • Find a word or phrase that brings you back, so on noticing you have drifted in thought repeat something several times (eg. ‘Jesus’ or ‘Be still’, ‘Lord, you are closer to me than my own breathing, nearer than my hands and feet.’ (St Teresa of Avila) ‘Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’ The Jesus Prayer).
  • If something presses either write it down (if it is a ‘to do’) or pray about it and invite God to speak to you about it.
  • If necessary repent (say you are sorry to God) and move on.
  • Imagine the distractions and choose to watch them float or drift away.
  • Imagine the distractions like scum (not that they are bad necessarily) on water, scoop them off the top and lay them aside.

Persist, persevere.