Our Indigenous Journey

In 2016 New Community focussed itsKutcha Edwards attention on the Indigenous Peoples of Australia. We set aside two months in our life groups and undertook the Australians Together learning series. We also set aside a month of Sunday gatherings to listen to four Indigenous people tell their stories. During this time we urged New Community to enter a time of listening. Intentionally setting aside our preconceived ideas and opinions we sought to both listen to the real stories of local Indigenous peoples and be open to the heart of God.

At the end of the month we then took part in a cultural walk at Yarran Dheran. Yarran Dheran Nature ReserveĀ is a reserve situated on the southern bank of the Mullum Mullum Creek. It is a mixture of original indigenous bushland and reconstructed bushland. Led by an Indigenous person, this walk enabled us to further understand the connection between Indigenous people and the land.

Yarran Dheran

After setting aside time to listen to Indigenous people from across our Nation, we have been moved by their stories of loss, pain and dislocation as a result of European settlement.

As followers of Jesus Christ we are called to love our neighbours. If this is true of us, then surely this love extends to the first people of this land.

So in keeping with this desire, we wish to acknowledge the Aboriginal people God placed upon this land and in particular the Wurundjeri. They were the first custodians and caretakers of this land upon which we now build our lives and gather to worship.

We look to the day when God will bring his new creation, but in the mean time we commit ourselves to seek the welfare of all people, including our Indigenous brothers and sisters, where we have opportunity to act and speak.

In keeping with this undertaking, we will seek to make acknowledgment of our journey and understanding at various relevant times during the calendar year.